The easiSpec® system is owned and offered by Ergochair® Ltd as a specification process for Adapt® chairs. Whilst the easiSpec® system has been carefully constructed, calibrated and tested to the highest standards and to the best of our ability in conjunction with our published literature on function and dimensions of our adapt® product ranges, it is provided to be used as a tool solely for guidance purposes in identifying a suitable product against a set of measurements and postural conditions.

Any chair specifications and subsequent 'prescriptions' produced, are based on the information provided by the user or the user's representative.

Adapt® chairs are highly adaptable and can cater for a wide range of disabilities and postural conditions.

Whilst we are happy to provide advice on the function and associated benefits of our products, Ergochair Ltd.'s employees and representatives are not medically qualified to assess or comment on specific disabilities and how to alleviate them. We, therefore strongly recommend that you seek advice from an appropriately qualified Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or other qualified healthcare professional in relation to your specific needs.

Whilst we are able to offer advice on taking body measurements and describing injuries and disabilities, we are unable to personally verify the accuracy of any data input by the user. Therefore, it is the user's responsibility to ensure accuracy of both the recording of body measurements and the subsequent data input onto the easiSpec® system.

Ergochair Ltd accepts no responsibility for incorrect specifications in the event that or as a result of data being recorded or entered incorrectly by the user.

All Adapt® products are constructed and tested to BS5459:Part2:2000 and are offered with a five-year warranty (based on eight hour usage) or a two-year warranty (based on 24hr usage)

Adapt®, Adaptations™, Ergochair® and easiSpec® are all trademarks belonging solely to Ergochair Ltd.

Welcome to the Adapt® easiSpec® system

Before we begin, we just need to gather some basic information about who the chair is for, and details of any relevant special considerations that need to be taken into account.

Remember, if you get stuck or you want to talk to someone about using this system, you can call us any time on 01454 329210



postural considerations

No two people are the same. To enable us to spec the perfect chair, please tell us a little more about the client's postural considerations.

chronic considerations

select considerations

Choose the region of the body affected to show a list of considerations

neck and shoulder

upper back

lower back

upper limbs

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Enter your dimensions into the form below. If you need guidance, then you can press the next to each measurement to display a helpful guide.

Please note that when you enter your measurements we will automatically round them to the nearest 10mm.


There are errors in your measurements! Please ensure all the measurements below are filled in so that we can find the perfect chair for you.

Please enter the weight in kilograms. This is needed to ensure we recommend the right chair based on the users needs. Without the weight being entered, we will be unable to make a recommendation.


Please enter the height in centimetres. This is needed to ensure we recommend the right chair based on the users needs. Without the height being entered, we will be unable to make a recommendation.


If using a fixed height desk, the work surface height will determine the optimum working position. easiSpec® will automatically factor this dimension in and select the correct gas column and arm rest heights, as well as flagging any requirement for a footrest. For adjustable height desks please enter your preferred working height.


Commercial and Domestic environments have different requirements for fire regulations. Unless indicated otherwise, it will be assumed that the chair is to be used in a Commercial Environment.

Adapt® 600

Our flagship range, the Adapt 600, offers limitless customisation and can be specified to your body dimensions.

It's where you need to be if you are looking for bespoke adaptation; we can go back to the drawing board to create very specific solutions for postural issues.

Adapt® V600

Adapt V600 incorporates V-trak, a brand-new concept in backrest contouring. It's modular, breathable and infinitely adjustable with lateral wings to wrap around you, plus inner straps to provide variable spinal support. V600 also comes with its own range of specialist head & neck supports.


Designed in conjunction with an Occupational Therapist, the AdaptLift® has been created specifically for people who need a little extra help either with adhysting the height of their office chair, or getting in and out of it.

Designed to cater for mobility issues, adaptLift offers electronic height and tilt adjustment, with an integral braking mechanism. With made-to-measure, stitched seat and backrest as standard, adaptLift can still be further enhanced with many adaptations

AdaptLift with V-Trak

By combining the electronic adjustment features of adaptLift with the modular backrest technology of V-trak, the capability of this chair is perfect for moderate to severe postural and mobility-based conditions.

Your Chair

Back Support Air Cell Adaptations

Drag and drop the aircells onto the backrest below to add/remove air cells. All air cell positions are taken from the centre of the cell.

Note: Air cells are not allowed to overlap, but we do offer a bespoke air cell creation service so if you need something not configurable with the software please get in touch on 01454 329210

Please note: 200 series chairs are made entirely to the user's measurements, so air cell placements entered below will be subject to further verification.

Clients that have would greatly benefit from the correct placement of air cells.

Please take care to ensure accurate measurements of the positions of these cells.

Cell Position
Standard Lumbar Cell None
Small Lumbar Cell None
Sacral Cell None
Reactive Triple Lumbar None
Vertical Cell None
Vertical Cell (extra) None
Thoracic Cell None
Thoracic Cell (extra) None
You need to select a chair before you can add notes, observations and recommendations.

Notes, Observations and Recommendations

Use this area to record any additional notes, observations or recommendations

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